Shadowrun RPG character concept: Adept called ‘The Wolf’

This is the first in a series of posts that I aim to make about different RPG characters that I have built / ideas that I have had.  You are welcome to use the idea, if you use it for the basis of something published, so credit might be nice…

For those that don’t know, Shadowrun is set in the near future, and features a return of magic.  Adepts channel magic into their bodies to do things that most people can’t do.

I only own 3rd edition Shadowrun, so a lot of the ideas for this character are built on that version of the rules.  This character was the first character that I made for SR, so is fitting that I make this the first character that I put on here.

The Wolf


Dressed in plain biking leather, The Wolf is a 6ft well built guy, and if he takes of his helmet, he has a face which could be from anywhere – a little bit Teutonic, a little bit Hispanic, a little bit American.

Slung across his back is a duffle bag full of tools.  Just tools; no really officer, how about a little cash to convince you there is just bike repair tools in there?

The bike he rides was once an off-the-shelf Suzuki Aurora.  Closer inspection shows that it has been modded with pretty much everything that can be done to a bike to make it handle better, be faster, and more robust.


Hey Chummer.  So you want to know about the big bad Wolf? So, if you play about in the shadows, you soon realise that it isn’t a good idea to use your real name.  If you have a SIN, that is.  Anyways, I decided to call myself the Wolf because it is better to be the hunter than the hunted.

Sure, I got enemies.  I used to be a combat biker*, it was during one of the bouts that I discovered that I was an Adept.  I was cornered by a trio of gang scum pretty sure I was gonna get my hoop kicked.  I figured I might as well go down fighting so I slammed my fist into one on of them.

His head just… broke.

The others ran away, and I was just standing there covered in blood.  I felt something within be lash out and beat that guy.

After the match, some mage looked me over and said that I was awakened.

Not that it did me much good.  I had some friends who gave me a head start from all the people who wanted to tear me a new air-hole, so I packed up my gear and scarpered.

Nowhere else to go, I holed up with a decker buddy who owed me some money and helped protect his meatbod while he was jacked out snooping round some corp databases.  He introduced me to a fixer by the name of Jack of Spades.

Since then I’ve been doing jobs for him, and working my way out of the hole that I am in.  Sooner or later I will get enough cash together that I can get a pile and go somewhere nice and retire.

Any day now.

I been doing quite a few runs, and while getting paid is nice, I like to take a little something from every run that I go on.  Usually a pistol because they’re easy to conceal, and as a souvenir, also pretty handy in a tight corner.  You want to see my armoury from the different runs I been on?

When I’m not shooting some corp slags, I do a bit of bike maintenance on the side.  I got a chummer who knew me from by biking days, he won a fair amount of Nuyen on one of my shows so he figures he owes me one.  A few hours of that a week pays for the rent and soykaf, and my running pays for all the interesting things in life.

Skills and abilities

The Wolf is what you could call a close assault street sam.  His main weapon is a heavily customised Defiance T-250 shotgun – with the head of the gun in the shape of a wolf, and glowing laser signs for eyes.

Pretty handy with pistols, explosives, riding a bike, oh and really good in a fist fight.

Adept powers

The main ability is probably killing hands – the ability cause serious damage with little more than a light tap.

Distance strike – In all kinds of situations you have to give up your guns to get in a building.  Being without a ranged weapon sucks, but distance strike allows you to attack up to 6 meters away with your unarmed combat skill.  Not only can that person not strike back, but this also stacks with killing hands.

Probably my most used power is Empathic Sense.  Mages can look at someone and see their aura for free, but adepts have to buy the ability.  Still, this is very useful to see who is a mage, and who is cybered up which can be useful right before a fight to pick targets.

Excellent smell – The ability to follow a trail just be scent can be very useful at times.

Attribute boost – strength – For those times when you really, really, have to push some guy’s face through the back of their skull.

Enhanced unarmed combat – cus y’know, why not?

*combat biking is a popular spectator sport where teams of gangs on bikes get paid to beat 7 kinds of drek out of each other while the whole thing is recorded and broadcast.  While murder is discouraged, it isn’t prohibited.  Top players can often find themselves targeted by other gangs to bring them down a peg.

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