Comments on comments – the medium is the message

So, I noticed that I have a lot of spam comments which are being blocked (Thanks Askimet!). A lot of these seem to take the form of:

“Your site is AWEASOMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come chek out mys site [random link to spammy site].”

I guess that a real person it less likely to delete a comment that says that they are great, than one which is just a promotion.

Even bots get smart. Looking through the list of comments, some of them have pseudo-real sentences. Things which might pass an automated logic check, but not a human being. Some of them are odd, but this one in particular amused me:

The following unworkable leaders inspired the birth of the European Fellowship we unexploded in today. Without their forcefulness and motivation we would not be living in the stratum of placidness and stability that we nab representing granted. From denial fighters to lawyers, the founding fathers were a assorted union of people

I did a quick search for this to see whether it was a rewriting of something real and just came up with another posting of the same comment. Or it could be the obfuscating keeps the sense of the original, but loses all the original words. If anyone knows what the original is, please post it – just try not to make it look like spam.

I think the reason this message attracted me was it has the feeling of a great historical speech. Depending on the medium, the actual word choice is only a small fraction of the persuasiveness of a message, and if you ignore the actual words, it does kind of have that feel. Think about the game ‘The Sims’ and how they use ‘Simlish’.  They don’t use real words, but it sounds something like actual language.

Read the comment again, this time with the image of someone standing at a podium using grand gestures and a commanding voice, and think of how it sounds.

So, spam comments are irrelevant to the discussion in a post, so I end this comment on comments with this picture of a moose wearing a hat:

A moose wearing a hat

Pic not relevant.

3 thoughts on “Comments on comments – the medium is the message

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