Choosing a role play game system

[Welcome to the final 2007 recap post of stuff what was on the site before I started messing about with it.  I am writing this about a month before this post is due to go out, so hopefully I will have some kind of rhythm set up of posting so something else will fill these Wednesday slots.]

One of the first things that you must do when setting up a role play group, is to choose your role play game system. So, what is involved in this? The first major decision that you have to make is the timing zone that you want to set your game in. Here are some of the major themes that characterise most of the main games:

  • Sword and sorcery: based in the realms of Lord of the Rings style mythology, with humans, Demi humans, and other miscellaneous races. This is a fairly popular genre of role play games, and was the first one to be started by Dungeons and Dragons, and has remained popular ever since.
  • Modern-day role play game: many people, acting like James Bond is something they would really really like to do. Having the rules to be a higher power human being is pretty cool and so of course there are the rules for it. There are also modern-day role play games, such as Call of Cthulhu which is a horror role play game set in the 1920s.
  • Near future/cyberpunk: imagine a world not dissimilar to ours, but with technologies that has advanced over the past 60 or so years, possibly with insurgents of magic and definitely with a rise of corporations. This is the cyberpunk genre, and it popular with games like Shadowrun. My personal favourite.
  • Far-future settings: games like some of the GURPS settings, Star Trek the role play game, and Rogue Trader which are set in the far future, and encompass many of the science-fiction genres to make them interactive by groups of friends to play these games.

Once you have chosen one of the settings you have to choose your game. It could be a very long article here if I listed every single game, so take a look at some of the games that I have mentioned, and see if they tickle your fancy, as these are ones that I mainly have played and enjoyed.

Your local comic book store, or role play game emporium is also an excellent place to start, as you can talk to people who actually know about the stock they have, and can talk about the different games on offer and show you something suitable.

At the end of the day, when choosing a role play game, the answer lies between yourself and the group you want to play with. If you dream about slaying dragons with the might of magic and feats of arms, something in the fantasy genre of sword and sorcery is probably for you. What I tend to do, is have two, three, or even four different games that we rotate on a regular basis, and play these different games, as we feel like it. This means that we can choose the best from all the genres, and players alike.

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