The inevitable intro post

Howdy.  While I am a serial ex-blogger, I have decided that I am going to try again.  The frequency that I have thoughts that I want to post and write down has increased, so I want to have somewhere to put them all.

At the moment, we are on the default design for WordPress, that will change soon as I put together pages.  My previous blogging attempts have gone something like this:

1) Have great idea for blog
2) Buy domain
3) Spend a week+ designing and building template / graphics
4) Get bored of designing
5) Let domain lapse

I am hoping to shortcut this process by using a domain that I have registered a while ago, and using ideas that I have been wanting to write about for a while, such as:


This blog is called for a reason.  This domain was originally registered while blogs weren’t anywhere near are common as they are today, so I manually put up a few posts using static HTML.

I want to write about games; and RPGs in particular.  You will also probably hear about my exploits with tabletop wargames, and board games.  Oh and computer games, and anything else which takes my fancy.

Character ideas

I don’t get to play RPG games as often as I would like, but I come up with a lot of character ideas.  Some of these will just be outlines for a cool set of mechanics, others will be fleshed out introductions, others will be a background and motivation for a hero or villain.

Plot ideas

I have these in abundance, so I thought that I would write them here.


So, I read quite a few webcomics.  I am planning on writing reviews of webcomics that I read and have read to share the love.


Take my word for it; I can’t really draw.  This is something that I would like to change.  Part of the problem is that I think of something that I would like to draw, imagine it, and leave it at that.

Having somewhere to put my stuff online will hopefully mean that I will draw more, and improve.


Because… Science!

It needs no explanation

[See also engineering, arts, creativity, and any other interesting exploits of human endeavour]

Random musings

I.e., whatever else I think of at the time.

Here is the plan

I am hoping that there are times when I want to write, so I will write, and in times when I don’t want to write I will then spend on upgrading the site design.  That is the plan.  If I am still blogging in a few months, we will know whether it worked.

So, um, stick around and see what turns up.