Comments on comments – the medium is the message

So, I noticed that I have a lot of spam comments which are being blocked (Thanks Askimet!). A lot of these seem to take the form of:

“Your site is AWEASOMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come chek out mys site [random link to spammy site].”

I guess that a real person it less likely to delete a comment that says that they are great, than one which is just a promotion.

Even bots get smart. Looking through the list of comments, some of them have pseudo-real sentences. Things which might pass an automated logic check, but not a human being. Some of them are odd, but this one in particular amused me:
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Firefox, Chrome, and the adventures of repetitive advertising

So, I mainly use Firefox as a browser, but I also have chrome (We don’t talk about Internet Explorer) because I use them for different things, and it means that I can be signed into the same mail program or site with two different usernames (Handy as I have multiple Google accounts).


I have been watching YouTube videos in Firefox to procrastinate while I am doing some work with Chrome open.

What is perplexing to me is that all the adverts so far are advertising Google Chrome.  I know about advertising retargeting, and I know that the adware is smart enough to recognise what browser I am using.  But I don’t think I get this much Chrome advertising when I don’t have Chrome open.

Does this mean that the ad software knows that I have Chrome open and is making Firefox so annoying that I am driven to use it out of frustration?

Or is it that I have used this IP address on YouTube recently and it is asking me why I am back on there without using the Google browser?

Or is Google universally advertising Chrome at the moment?

Answers on a postcard – or the comments section.