Vampire the Masquerade – rat problem

So, I have been playing Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines on the PC. I will write other things about it at some point, but I just had this going through my mind.

One of the things that Vampires can do is to eat rats. now these come from the sewer, but going in there isn’t alway convenient. What if you are a vampire and need to have a drink. How about visiting a local pet shop – that opens late.

Yeah. Can you imagine how many rats you would go through a month.

“Hi, um… Could I buy a rat please?”
“What another one? You’ve had like 12 this month. What do you do, eat them?”
*Nervous laughter* “Um, no, I, er, just have like, er a snake which keeps breaking out of it’s cage and attacking them”
“A snake?”
“That breaks out of it’s cage and eats rats?”
“What kind of snake?”
“Um… An Anaconda?”
“An Anaconda. Really? Do you have any idea how big they are?”
“Well they certainly eat a lot of rats”
*Sigh* “Fine, I’ll get you another rat”
“Great, could you get one that has been fed on whole foods?”
“Because it tastes better”
“Oh, nothing…”


Since drinking from a rat might not actually kill it, I wonder whether they would be willing to let you ‘borrow’ a rat?

Probably not.


The world kind of breaks down when you add Vampires into the modern life.  There is only so far that belief can be suspended.

In the game, Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, there are some people who recognise that Vampires are about.  For example there is someone in a blood bank who will sell you blood bags. I would imagine that something similar would happen with other sources of blood and vamipre friendly items like really, REALLY good window blinds.

Playing a game-the Games Masters’ perspective

[While I prefer to be a player rather than a games master, I have also games mastered quite a bit.  This is another post that I wrote back in 2007.]

Congratulations on stepping up to the breach and being a member of your group who is willing to run a role play game. You are now part of the elite caste of people known as Games Masters.

Games Mastering a role play game can be one of the most nerve wracking experiences of a player’s life. Depending on the age group, the games master, sometimes called Dungeon Master, has to act as storyteller, scribe, actor, director, personal assistant, mathematician, and childminder. These many roles all have to be melded together seamlessly for a story to be enjoyable for all players.

That said, it is also a highly enjoyable as watching players come across your fiendish plans is quite satisfying, as is knowing something that they don’t. One of the most important aspects of creating a game for your players is to make sure you tailor your game to the players. If your players once a role play game which is high on combat, it makes sense to fulfil this otherwise players will quickly get bored. Hardcore role players will also get bored if they games consist entirely of combat.

Finding a balance in your game

Let us face it, you are going to be roleplaying with your friends most likely so you will have a good knowledge of their likes and dislikes. Add to this knowledge by having a talk before you start choosing, or writing the first role play adventure. Ask direct questions about what they want, particularly in the character generation stage, as, with most games takes a full night. During character generation, if your players or create characters based on ninjas and Samurai, it is a fair bet that your players want a combat heavy adventure, likewise if you end up the party of apprentice mages, magic will most likely have a large impact on your games.

When running an adventure, either a published version, or one that you written yourself you should make sure that it is one that contains all the aspects that your players are looking for. This really is the subject of another article, but when running your adventure you should make sure that you do not stick to rigidly to the part to the detriment of the fun of your players. As with any game, first role should be fun for you and friends. This is after all a role play game.

Overall, running a game should be fun, and so anything from you, all the other players, which is not fun should be stomped on. Anything which is fun, such as layers doing things that are not strictly in the rules but are very funny should most definitely be encouraged.

This is the tight rope that Games Masters must balance on to ensure fun for everyone and a game where there are no losers, well, unless you are players are really bad. Have fun, and remember: if you get really annoyed at your players, you have dragons to throw at them.